What is Surface Hub?

The first solution of its kind in the world, Microsoft Surface Hub combines hardware, software and services in a flexible, dynamic and easy to use package. It brings together whiteboarding, video conferencing and projection, and integrates seamlessly with Windows 10, Skype for Business, Office, OneNote and Universal Windows. Designed for the all kinds of workplaces, it has a fully integrated design, comes in two display sizes (84” and 55”) and includes flexible mounting and floor standing options - and can scale as your business grows. 

How does Surface Hub work?

Surface Hub makes it easy to bring the right people into the right room, at the right time. It also provides far deeper and more engaging tools to help your people brainstorm and get results.  

Coordinating a meeting is easy. You simply walk up to the device and tap to start a meeting instantly, whether it’s scheduled or ad-hoc. Scheduled meetings appear on the welcome screen. Surface Hub is also a bookable resource in Microsoft Exchange, so it can be automatically booked when you reserve a conference room. With a single tap you can join a meeting - no need to log in or connect any equipment. 

Once you’re in a meeting, you’ll find Surface Hub delivers a superior experience for everyone - so you can have more productive, engaging meetings without worrying about logistics or travel expenses. Cameras are side mounted, with a wide field of view, so they capture the room and the person at the board. The microphones are built on Kinect technology so they effectively detect the person/people speaking and eliminate background noise. Remote users also have an on-screen presence, so they’re not hidden behind content. And the screen is automatically shared so remote users see the same content, unlike most video sessions where they can’t even see the whiteboard clearly. 

Content can be shared easily and effectively throughout every session. You can also see multiple items side-by-side, so everyone can share ideas and content to drive the discussion, without the disruption of disconnecting cables from one user to the next. 

Why should I invest in Surface Hub?

Surface Hub delivers a range of important business benefits. It can help you: 

•    Easily and quickly brainstorm with others and share ideas in a way that feels completely natural, with technology that doesn’t intrude but which helps ideas flow.
•    Run engaging and productive meetings, with a highly responsive screen that’s built for both ink and touch.
•    Seamlessly connect everyone in your organisation, regardless of their location.
•    Empower leadership to do more in a visually compelling way.
•    Breathe new life into apps and data by viewing them from a different perspective.
•    Better connect disparate business functions at every level of your business. 
•    Deliver re-imagined and new and improved experiences for your customers.

Who is Surface Hub suitable for?

Surface Hub is suitable for businesses of all sizes, across a wide range of industries. It comes in two different sizes (84” and 55”) and can be used in all kinds of office situations, from small meeting rooms to large boardrooms or event spaces.  

Take a look at how these customers in the healthcare, education and technology sectors have used Surface Hub in their businesses > 

Can I see a demonstration of Surface Hub?

Absolutely! Simply give the team at Generation-e a call on 1300 553 088 and we will arrange a demo as soon as possible. 

How much does Surface Hub cost?

Generation-e can also provide you with a cost effective implementation package that suits your needs. 
For information about pricing, you can also download the tech specs PDF

What are the dimensions and specs?

Please refer to the Microsoft Surface Hub support site for information on dimensions and sizes. 

How can I get started?

Generation-e has been specially selected by Microsoft as one of only a few implementation partners in Australia. Talk to us about your needs and we can provide you with a quote and timeframe to implement Surface Hub in your business - call us on 1300 553 088.

Will Microsoft honour the Surface Hub warranty and support if I ship the units to countries where Surface Hub is not yet launched? 

Units will be supported only in markets currently approved to sell Surface Hub. Units shipped by the customer to other countries will be out-of-warranty in that country. 

When does the warranty start—when the device is installed and activated, or when it is shipped? 

The warranty start date for Surface Hub devices begins 15 days after the sale date to allow for delivery time (e.g., sale date: April 1; warranty start: April 15). Further information about the Surface Hub warranty is available here

How do apps integrate with Surface Hub?

Surface Hub comes with powerful familiar Microsoft applications like Skype for Business, OneNote, PowerPoint, Word, and Excel.

However, you can also run any Windows 10 Universal App natively from Surface Hub, without authenticating or needing any other device in the room. Simply share any Windows application (including desktop apps) from your personal device to Surface Hub. 

Surface Hub also includes support for touch, ink and sensors, meaning there is enormous scope for you to develop powerful customised apps that match your specific business needs. Talk to the expert and experienced team at Generation-e about how we can do this for your business. 

Where can I put the Surface Hub?

Surface Hub is suitable for businesses of all sizes, and for any room or space. It can transform a conference room, but can also turn any room into a collaboration space. It comes in different sizes and mounting options. 

Can Surface Hub scale with my business? 

Absolutely! You can use several Surface Hubs in your business and they can be centrally managed by IT. This means you can remotely customise each Surface Hub for the needs of the room, and can also remotely deploy updates as required. 

What additional equipment is provided or required? 

The Surface Hub includes 2 Surface Hub pens, and a wireless all‐in‐one keyboard
Surface Hub Wall Mount (rolling stand and floor support options are additional options)

What software is provided? 

Surface Hub features a new Windows 10 experience designed with group productivity at its core. Windows 10 allows Surface Hub to be a shared device by anyone. The welcome screen is simple and intuitive, featuring key experiences that groups do together: call, whiteboard or connect content. 

What collaboration services come with the unit? 

Surface Hub features versions of Microsoft’s top productivity services like Skype for Business, OneNote, and Office that are optimised for groups and the large screen.

Services are integrated directly into the OS for seamless experience - for example, you can join a Skype for Business call directly from the welcome screen.

What kind of warranty comes with the unit? 

Surface Hub comes with a one-year limited warranty. This includes 90 days of software support for questions around usability and setup, as well as next business day phone/web/email support and third business day onsite hardware support. The option exists to upgrade the warranty to three years. 

Where can I find a user guide and information about site readiness and repair?